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Are you a REAL Muslim? (Are you really sure?)

Are you a REAL Muslim?

That's an important question and we are here to help you make sure about it.
You can obtain a pdf leaflet (one page) by emailing us at Note that that is a ".uk" domian, not a".com" domain".

We'll put the text of the leaflet below, though maybe not as well formatted.

And or send us any comments.
Cheers, Robin

To be a real Muslim you have to recognise that the Qur’an is the perfect words of Allah, as revealed through his Messenger the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).And to be a real Muslim you have to believe all of the Quran.
Many verses of the Qur’an declare that Allah is “all-powerful” and “can do all things” [e.g. 2:20, 59:6].So he could not have any communication handicap in writing his perfect book.And indeed, the Qur’an itself declares that it is a clear book (12:1); conveyed clearly (10:15); easy to understand (44:58); and explained in full (6:114).(More verses point those things out but…